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List of 10+ Top Smart Cities in India to Plan Your Next Move

When you decide to shift from one city to another, you have certain expectations. Shifting to another city can be quite challenging as you are changing your entire lifestyle, your comfort, and shifting to a city that you do not know much about, But with time things start running at a normal pace. So if you are also looking to shift to another city in search of various other opportunities with your family or to start a new life then one of the best decisions is to shift to one of the top smart cities in India.

The smart cities in India are emerging as the most developed cities in the country and they are under the process of growth and development that in the future will offer people great benefits and facilities. So, now you would have a question in your mind, what are Smart Cities? A smart city is an urban area that is incorporated with technologies such as the internet, assets accumulating data, and providing services in an organized manner.

In this, the government gathers data from the citizens about their assets and devices, and then they use it to analyze the services that they are providing to the citizens such as utilities, waste management, water supply management, transportation, crime detection, the functioning of schools, libraries, medical facilities, and another sort of community benefits. Surely, smart cities have a great future in the country ahead and we have curated a list of the top 10 Smart Cities in India to Plan Your Next Move where you can plan to shift in your next relocation. But, before jumping on to the list, there are certain benefits that you should analyze before shifting to one of the smart cities in India.

Benefits to relocate to Top Smart Cities in India

Smart cities in India are named that for a reason. First of all smart cities provide citizens and environment-friendly settings. It takes necessary steps to minimize the harmful impact that can create instability in ecological balance. Governments tend to create systems sustainably to upgrade the standard of living in these smart cities. The focus on establishing an efficient water consumption and transportation network, with which there would be less carbon emission and hence, making smart cities one of the best cities to spend life in India.

These people can have great utilities that are provided by the government to their citizens, Even after having a limited supply of natural utilities. Smart sensors are built-in water pipes too since the leakages in pipes save the wastage of water and the same thing is established in the electric grids that can help developers to conserve power by analyzing the electric usage in the entire city.

The functioning of smart cities is established in such a way that it creates the entire system more augmented. The communication between the government and the citizens is made more efficient. That is one of the best features of smart cities in India. To this benefit, governments tend to make decisions that favor the citizens and they can also get feedback and reviews of their policies and plans from the citizens on a particular program.

Smart cities in India have a well-connected transportation network that offers smooth transportation to people daily. There is a special management system established for taking care of the traffic by the government in these cities.

With the digitalization of almost everything in the world, people expect the government to provide them with great digital assistance in the city as well. The smarts it is in India offer you digital benefits that are user-friendly. The government has established free Wi-Fi in public areas that offer high-speed networks to the citizens and making the entire smart city more interactive for both, the citizens and the government.

The installation of CCTV cameras in almost all parts of the smart city makes them completely safe to roam around in public spaces day or night. Smart to these is created with the idea of making it a safe city for people of all genders, ages, and races. The government has established crime centers in areas and they have also provided people with a special police helpline number that provides citizens with great safety to live in smart cities with family or even on their own.

Smart cities in India are infrastructure to make them supreme cities all over India. Roads and buildings are constructed in such a way to contribute to the grandeur of the cities. With these smart technologies established in every part, it has been easy to make improvisations and repairs by the government.

All of the features that we have mentioned make smart cities in India one of the best places where you can live if you are planning to shift from any other country to India or even if you are thinking to relocate within the country only. Smart Cities in India offer people an opportunity to live in the age of the future in the present time. So now, we think we have enticed you enough to plan your next move in smart cities, so why not let’s start with the list of top 10 smart cities in India where you can have these facilities and live without any discomfort.

List of 10+ Top Smart Cities in India to Plan Your Next Move

This list that we at Rajbala Packers and Movers, have created about the list of top 10 cities in India to plan your next move is in no particular order of preference. If you want to relocate with your family or alone you can choose one of these smart cities in India, that offers you great career options, amazing living standards with an upbeat literacy rate, population rate, unemployment rate, best utilities, outstanding health, and education facilities. We have tried to cover every aspect of the cities for you to have a clearer understanding of what we have been trying to tell. After reading this list, you can decide which smart city is the best for you. Let’s begin.

Pune (Maharashtra)

First, on the list of top smart cities in India, we have Pune of Maharashtra. Maharashtra is known to be the second largest city of India and Pune is popular for being the economic hub of Maharashtra. Pune is witnessing the increased number of industries like automotive education sector IT and the increase in several industries is one of the major offering factors in the development of the city. Pune offers a great lifestyle with several restaurants, tourist sites, luxurious nightlife, and a clean atmosphere to live in. The total population of Pune is 3124458 Which has a literacy rate of 89.56. This smart city in India has a striking 3.29 employment rate and you can have a great medical and educational facility in this city. Pune does not only have a great infrastructure of buildings and houses but universities, museums, and companies that are built in this city are extravagant offering great job opportunities to youngsters.

top smart cities in india pune

Bhubaneshwar (Odisha)

In the list of top smart cities in India next, we have Bhubaneshwar that is the capital of Odisha. Bhubaneshwar is one of the most popular historical sites that has attracted numerous tourists around the globe. This city holds great financial and social importance in India. Because of its striking growth in educational centers and IT industries. Every building in this smart city is created with the traditional beauty that beholds the culture of Odisha. This city of Odisha has seen rapid development in the past few years. It has a total population of 840834 with a literacy rate of 92.89. The number of schools, hospitals, and colleges is established in such a way to cater to people with the most effectiveness. Bhubaneshwar was selected as the first city to be the smart city project by the ministry of urban development.

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Surat (Gujarat)

Surat is the next smart cities in India that we have on this list. Surat has gained a great rank in different global indexes and it is estimated that by the year 2035 it would become the fastest growing city around the world. Surat is also known as the Diamond City of India because of the diamond cutting industries that have made this city one of the largest metropolitan cities with the 9th rank. It has a population of 446796 that has an 85. 89 literacy rate percentage. You wouldn’t believe that the unemployment rate of Surat is 0.29, offering youths great employment opportunities in every sector. The rate of development of hospitals, schools, colleges, access to water electricity and public premises has a great percentage that most of the cities do not have. Surat has amazing diamond and textile industries that are known to be the best all over the world and it has gained its place in the top 10 GDP contributors in India.

Jaipur (Rajasthan)

The Pink City, Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and just like Surat, Jaipur has also flourished with the IT sector. The Rajasthan government is aiming to transport Jaipur into one of the sustainable cities in the phase of the smart city project. All over the world, Jaipur is famous for its historical artifacts and palaces that have become the most popular tourist places over time. Hawa Mahal is one of the greatest attractions of Jaipur. The total population of these smart cities in India is 3046163. That has an unemployment rate of 6.09. If you have visited Jaipur for a vacation then you must know that Jaipur is one of the most beautiful heritage sites of India. In this Smart City, you can see the mixture of tradition and modernity thriving at its best. The major agenda of the smart city project is to focus on restoring the historical buildings, managing traffic and transportation, and waste management.

jaipur smart city

Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

Another top smart cities in India are Gujarat in Ahmedabad, which is one of the largest cities and is the capital of the state of Gujarat. Ahmedabad is the fifth-largest city that is growing at a great pace for development. By gaining the recognition of UNESCO World Heritage City Ahmedabad has become a really popular city in the country. It is known for the setup of major industries such as textile pharmaceuticals and automobiles. The population of this city is 557940 with a literacy rate of 89.29. The growth of medical facilities educational centers is growing rapidly, providing people with great careers and health facilities. Ahmedabad has been attracting a large number of skilled people from across India because of its highly distinguished higher education institutes that offer the young generation the educational opportunities that no other city can offer them.

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Kochi (Kerala)

Another most popular tourist destination in the list of top 10 smart cities in India is located at the seaport is Kochi. Kochi is in the state of Kerala and is a coastal city that is classified under Tier II city. Kochi has a total population of 602046 and the percentage of households with access to clean water, electricity, and facilities of public toilets are one of the best all over the country. This city of Kerala is known for its largest urban heritage and it is the only stock exchange city in Kerala that has seen industrial growth at a rapid base due to major investments by the big tycoons all over the country.

Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh)

Visakhapatnam is the largest city in Andhra Pradesh that is recognized in two terms. The first economy and the second one is the population. Vizag is expected to provide citizens with gold class facilities in the upcoming years and become one of the fastest-growing Smart Cities of India. The population of Visakhapatnam is 1728128, Which is quite big. Visakhapatnam is popularly known by two names, “The city of destiny” and “The Jewel of the East coast”. The focus of the government is on offering people high-speed internet and the establishment of LED lights in the street lamps to offer a great civilian system to the government. This city has a great number of special economic zones and is the largest industrial hub with the achievement of being known as India’s fifth busiest seaport.

Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh)

From the state of Madhya Pradesh, we have Jabalpur as one of the next smart cities in India which is located on the banks of the Narmada river. Jabalpur is known for its defense-related manufacturing industry and educational centers in the area. It has a population of 1055525. One of the amazing features of this smart city is that it has a zero unemployment rate. With the zero unemployment rate, Jabalpur is known for the high intensive education rate that has provided great job opportunities for youth. Jabalpur has a national airport and it is known to be the third-largest city of Madhya Pradesh. The number of colleges, schools, and hospitals is at a great number offering people the best public utilities and living experience as one of the smart cities in India.

Davangere (Karnataka)

The central city of Karnataka and the sixth-largest city in Davangere in the list of top smart cities in India to plan your next moe. It was included in the smart city project because of its great infrastructure and cotton mills. Davangere is known for its cotton mills in the 80s and now in recent times this city is growing at a great pace and establishing itself as the industrial and SME hub of Karnataka. The total population of this smart city is 434971 and in the city, you can find major industries of textile and agricultural processing. It is 260 kilometers away from Bangalore and the Government of Davangere is trying its best to promote education at its extreme. There has been news that the government is setting up a branch of the Indian Institute of Technology in this city, which would be a great bonus in the benefits that this Smart City can offer its citizens.

Solapur (Maharashtra)

Then in the list of 10 smart cities in India to plan your next move is Solapur, Maharashtra. Solapur is a Tier two City that has the biggest number of sugar industries in the country. The cotton textile of Solapur has made this city popular among industries of the country and across the globe. Solapur is known to be the first city that installed a waste-to-energy electricity plant in Maharashtra. It has a total population of 951558 with an unemployment rate of 1.60 percent. Solapur has a wide network and it is connected to other cities in India through roads. The two major goals of Solapur under the Smart City project is to create a city that is clean and efficient for the people who are living in this Smart City.

Ludhiana (Punjab)

Last in the list of top 10 cities in India to plan your next move is Ludhiana of Punjab. The government of Punjab has been planning a lot of projects under the Smart City mission in Ludhiana such as the construction of a C&D waste plant, carcass plant, fire fighting equipment, etc. Ludhiana is majorly known for the readymade garments that are created by the industries in the City. Ludhiana, popularly known as Manchester of India, is the hub of the Indian hosiery industry. It has a population of approximately 6.13 lacs and is the largest city of Punjab. All the facilities provided by the government of Punjab in the smart city of Ludhiana are of great value and it would be one of the best smart cities to live in.

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So, this was the list of the top 10 smart cities in India to plan your next move that you can consider if you are planning to shift into a different city. Considering all of these factors of smart cities in India: the cleanliness, infrastructure, and economy. All of these smart cities in India provide citizens with great domestic living career opportunities, and standard of living. So, if you decide to relocate to any of the smart cities you will not regret your decision. All of these cities have a great future in which they will be developed to make the standard of living quite luxurious.

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