tips to avoid scams by packers and movers

21+ Tips to Avoid Scams by Packers and Movers

Just like any other company the packing and moving industry is also facing numerous complaints about forgery. The moving scam is done by fraud Packers and Movers, where they demand high prices of their services before delivering the consignment, they also don’t provide any sort of insurance even after they have shown the insurance charges in the bill and they also tend to steal goods in the movement process. These are just a few examples of how fraud packing and moving companies can conduct a moving scam. Here we have shared 21+ tips to avoid scams by Packers and Movers.

Because of such scams, people tend to not rely on Packers and Movers that is a great disadvantage for reliable and 100% authentic packing and moving companies that have been working in this market for a very long period.

We understand that the relocation can be an extremely hectic process and when you come across such companies, it can turn your experience into a nightmare. Often such companies put such a low price on their services that people get catfished by those estimations and then later demand more money else they just keep the entire process at a halt. Even though these are rare circumstances, there is nothing wrong to be safe and cautious. We don’t want your expensive items to be robbed or taken for granted, therefore we have curated a list of a few steps that you should keep in mind while finalizing Packers and Movers so that your goods are taken with utter caution and care.

21+ Tips to Avoid Scams by Packers and Movers

A rogue packing and moving company try to trap customers with the help of different ways and expectations and for that, they use different kinds of techniques to get the money out of your pocket and then leave you completely hanging.

1. Check their official website

Nowadays the natural way of getting customers and making sales is through an online website and many companies have started to use this marketing way. If you are hiring Packers and Movers the foremost tip to avoid scams by Packers and Movers is to check their website. the website of a company tells a lot about their management and services and with it, you can have a clear idea about what sort of services they offer to their clients and what their charges are. If a company has a detailed website including the cities in which they offer the reviews of their services by customers it reflects the professionalism of that company and then you can make your relocation process forward.

2. Look for past customer reviews and feedbacks

Another highlighting point to hire a reliable packing and moving company is to check the reviews and feedback posted by their past customers. Those reviews can be on their website or their social media accounts and trust us it helps a lot to understand if that company is trustworthy. Next thing is to check the ratings of Google which can help you find reliable Packers and Movers. There are several websites dedicated to this industry where they post reviews and ratings of different packing and moving companies so you can check them. Moreover, many fraud companies post fake reviews so beware of that. It is very easy to recognize a fake comment or feedback posted by somebody on a website. If you are hiring a packing and moving Company online then go for trusted websites like find,, etc.

tips to avoid scams by packers and movers
reviews and feedbacks

3. Ask for verified legal documents

This is the easiest tip to avoid scams by Packers and Movers. If the packing and moving company are reliable they would have registered paperwork and licensed documents that provide them with proper recognition by a legal authority. Before hiring packers and Movers, remember to check their legal documents and it will save you a lot of time and from scams by Packers and Movers. The legal document can be anything like a company incorporation certificate, GST registration certificate, PAN card, or company shop license, etc. While checking the documents of the company remember to read the terms and conditions that they offer to the customers.

leagl documents
Legal documents

4. Visit their office

Knowing where those Packers and Movers function is a great necessity during the relocation process. Getting to know a proper office address that is registered in the legal documents is very important before you hire a packing and moving company. It can be a major factor in deciding the reliability and authenticity of a company. Visit their office and ask your doubts that you have in mind. and while you are asking them your questions you can inspect and observe the kind of facilities that they offered to the clients and the way they approach their prospective clients.


5. Do not make payments in cash

The reason this is one of the best tips to avoid scams by Packers and Movers is that when you make payments with the help of a debit card or credit card, it goes directly into the bank account that serves as an authentic factor of Packers and Movers. Making payments in cash can lead to scam and forgery, so always make payment even if it is a small one through cards for online payment apps that makes the entire payment process secure. And, if you face any kind of problem in the moving process you can always trace back the company’s details through their bank credentials.

6. Check if there are any hidden costs

One of the most famous ways through which packing and moving companies make fraud is by adding charges in the services that are not mentioned in the quotation. To avoid that scam ask for a detailed invoice that has a list of charges that they are applying. It gives you a fair idea about what they are charging you for and that is all you have to pay for. The amount that is not mentioned in the invoice should not be paid to Packers and Movers as it is not legal. Having a proper invoice saves you a lot of money. Another important thing is to ask for a stamped invoice as it would be the final bill that you will get from the packing and moving company. Many Packers and Movers ask for more money, later on, to check the invoice and make sure the money they are asking is for the right reason.

7. References and recommendations from friends and family

Another tip to avoid scams by Packers and Movers is to ask for references and recommendations of reliable packing and moving companies beforehand from your friends or family members. In the fast-moving world, most people shift from one place to another and most of us have hired packing and moving companies for our relocation process. So, if you also have somebody who has availed assistance of Packers and Movers, you can talk to them and take the references. It saves you a lot of time from looking for suitable Packers and Movers here and there and you can completely trust your acquaintances and clear your doubts by talking to them about the money that the company asks for and the quality of service that they provide. Talk to several friends and family members before hiring a particular packing and moving company.

8. Do not talk on the phone

If you have certain doubts that need to be addressed before you start with the relocation process, then make sure you have proper discussion sessions with Packers and Movers face-to-face by visiting their office. Having a conversation on the telephone can be done when you are booking an appointment with their company but it is not a good medium to understand if they are professional and reliable Packers and Movers. face to face conversation with the packing and the moving company will provide you with a clearer idea of their services and the way they conduct themselves in the presence of the clients.

9. Take moving quotation in written

Some Packers and Movers provide quotations on their website nowadays with the digitalization of every service, but as a consumer, you can ask them for the moving quotes in writing. By asking for the quotation in writing you can save yourself from paying any hidden charges that they may charge you during the relocation process. The written estimation of the entire shifting process will bind the company and you in the legal paperwork after which they will be obligated to serve you their services and you will have to pay them money for the services that they would provide you

10. Avoid paying full money in advance

Always hold back some percent of the full payment of the packers and movers. Most of the packers and movers want this step taken by you but you must avoid paying them all the money in advance. it is the right way and the correct tips to avoid scams by Packers and Movers because if you would pay them all the money in advance, there are chances that they would ghost you or even won’t offer you high-quality relocation services, leaving you stressed out at the end. So in the initial stages pay only half of the total moving cost and once the process is completed you can pay the rest of the money.

11. Do they conduct a Pre-Move survey?

Any reliable packing and moving company would perform a pre-move survey of the place from where the customer wants to relocate before putting the final amount of relocation. In this process come to your place and invigilate all the products that you have and after the pre-move survey tells you the estimated moving cost. They also ask for your special requirements in packing and handling your belongings. And after they have done a detailed analysis of the place and the distance where all the belongings are to be relocated they start with the relocation process. So do not hire Packers and Movers that do not conduct a pre-move survey and tell you the moving cost randomly on their own.

12. Make a thorough research

If you do not have any family members or friends that have availed the assistant of Packers and Movers before, then you have everything to do on your own the entire responsibility of hiring the reliable and authentic packers and Movers is now in your hands. Finding a packing and moving company can be a tough task and you would have to spare a lot of time for doing your research on Google, making a list of companies that you think you can hire, and then paying a visit to their office. So, you have to do everything with proper care and understanding. Do thorough research on Google shortlists companies that fall under your area. Do not just go for one or two packing and moving companies. At least shortlist 3 or 4 Packers and Movers and then compare their ratings, prices, services, and other factors and always trust the ratings given by Google.

Through Research
Through Research

13. Ask them questions

It cannot be the case that you do not have any question in your mind regarding the relocation process. This is one of the most important tips that you ask every question that you have in your mind to clear every doubt regarding the Packers and Movers you are hiring. Before finalizing any packing and moving company asked them questions regarding their cost services transportation delivery and everything that is important in the relocation process. Paying attention to the answer that they give to your questions and the sort of answers that they provide is a major factor to know their level of professionalism and experience in the packing and moving industry.

14. Are they providing you with an insurance policy?

Any of the tips to avoid scams by Packers and Movers can be a difficult task as you don’t have that much experience in this field but still, you can take some precautions. One of the precautions that you must take is to see if that company is providing you with the insurance coverage the value of your belongings is of great level and you don’t want them to be harmed or get damaged during the transportation from one location to another. And there are chances that in the transition process some of the goods might get damaged accidentally. In such situations, reliable packing and moving companies provide you with the insurance service beforehand, so that you can ask for a reimbursement of your belongings later on therefore choose Packers and Movers that are providing you with the insurance of your goods.

15. Prices that are too good to be true are always risky

Packers and Movers that offer you cheap relocation services are a big no. People think if a company is providing cheap services at a discounted rate or any other option those companies would provide them with the best services but that is not the case in the packing and moving industry. By setting their prices low, Packers and Movers try to attract customers and once they have catfished them they do not provide the high-quality services that they have promised. Therefore, avoid prices that are quite low relative to other companies because you don’t want to give the responsibility of your items in the hands of such Packers and Movers that believe in providing deals and not reliable services.

16. Check for the mark on the transport

Reliable packing and moving companies will have their transportation in which they conduct the relocation process. hire Packers and Movers that have some sort of mark on the vehicle that offers as an identification factor of that company. Many companies hire trucks from the renting facilities that can be a major Red flag because with that it is very easy for them to run away without referring you to the full relocation facility. Hence, a company that has a marked vehicle should be trusted to conduct your relocation process.

17. Similar brand game

Companies that have entered the packing and moving industry with the motive of prodding people often keep names of their companies that are similar to the existing brands. This is not only risky but quite demeaning to the reliable packing and moving company that they are trying to create the replication of. Therefore, it is one of the important tips to avoid scams by Packers and Movers as it suggests not to hire a company that has a similar name to some other brand. For choosing a reliable packing and moving company, you can search names on the official website of the Ministry of Corporate affairs. They can provide you with a list of Packers and Movers in your area

18. Hire from a verified platform

In recent times, several websites have emerged on the Internet that provides a list of reliable Packers and movers that you can hire in different cities and across the country. These platforms connect you to different Packers and movers that you can hire for your relocation process in just a matter of a few minutes. It not only saves you a lot of time but by hiring a verified Packers and Movers you save a lot of money as well. On this website, you get an ample amount of options through which you can choose an appropriate Packers and Movers and you can compare their prices, services, and feedback by past customers.

19. Select a door to door relocation service

Whenever you hire Packers and Movers make sure that you opt for a door-to-door relocation process. A packing and moving company that is trustworthy and reliable will provide you with a door-to-door shifting service in which they pick up your goods from your door and deliver them properly to your new place without any hassle. So, before finalizing Packers and Movers, ask them if they offer door-to-door service as it can save you from midway cheating incidents. Because there are chances that Packers and Movers leave your goods before reaching the destination and you may have to pick them again from some other place.

20. Their social media presence

Another biggest tip to avoid scams by Packers and Movers is to check if they have a social media presence. In the age of digital marketing being present on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have become very common for every company as it is the best place for them to meet with potential customers. The only motive of packing and moving companies on social media would be to offer their services to a larger audience and if the company that you are hiring is not present on social media then it is better to start looking for other Packers and Movers who are in touch with this Trend. Though, it is not a big deal but still one of the factors to be cautious about while hiring Packers and Movers.

social media
Social media presence

21. Talk to past clients

This may be an impossible thing to do in older times but with the advancement of technology and the internet, there are possibilities that you can connect with past clients of a particular company. The people who put up the feedback and reviews of a company’s services on their website have official accounts on social media like Reddit or Quora, and from there you can connect with them and ask your questions regarding that particular Packers and Movers to have a clear understanding of the quality of services that they provide to their clients. Also, if you are not able to get a link to that particular past blind then there is something shady about that company.

22. Contract

Many Packers and Movers create a contract that is so big that many people tend to avoid reading them and hence get themselves forged by such fraud packing and moving companies. Do not make that mistake and read the contract created by the packing and moving company thoroughly and sign the agreement after cross-checking every aspect of the relocation.

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Keep the above-mentioned tips in your mind while hiring Packers and Movers for your shifting process and you would be good to go. These steps are curated well for you and one of the best tips to avoid scams by Packers and Movers.

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