Frequently Asked Questions

How do Rajbala Packers and Movers help?

Rajbala Packers and Movers have proper skills and knowledge related to the relocation industry and make the relocation process extremely easy and hassle-free for the clients. It is always the wisest decision to hire professional Packers and Movers instead of doing the relocation process on your own as there are chances that you might get hurt because of lack of knowledge and expertise. RajBala Packers and Movers is one of the most popular professional packing and moving companies offering relocation services all over the country. We have the best Logistics solutions that make us one of the best in the country and with our Packers and Movers, we complete the relocation process of our clients within no time. Hiring Rajbala Packers and Movers can be the best decision that you take for yourself because we offer the best services at affordable prices. RajBala Packers and Movers being the professional packing and moving industry use specially designed equipment and tools that make the entire process even more convenient for the customers as well as for our employees.

Which packers and movers are best in India?

Rajbala Packers and Movers is one of the best relocation companies that you can hire in India. We operate in every state and provide the best relocation service to the clients at pocket savvy rates. Rajbala Packers and Movers have a team of experts that have proper and years of knowledge of the relocation industry and they take all the measures to make the relocation process easy and convenient for the clients. With our years of experience, we have established a huge name in the relocation industry and you can ask any of our previous clients and you will always get the best report regarding our services and behavior. Whatever we have achieved in these years is pure because of our hard work and sincere methods that we used for providing top-notch relocation services to the clients. Rajbala Packers and Movers offer relocation services in both household and corporation areas which makes us one of the most versatile packing and moving companies in India.

What should be the best qualities of a good packers and movers?

There are several qualities that a professional Packers and Movers must have and those qualities make them the best in the market. Some of the qualities that Packers and Movers should have are as follows.
- Well experienced and they must have proper knowledge of the relocation industry.
- Timely and doorstep delivery of the goods.
- Use of professional tools and equipment for conducting the relocation process.
- Proper assistance to the clients before and during the relocation process.
- The process conducted by Packers and Movers must be completely transparent.
- They must use all the precautions and measures to make the relocation process safe for everybody.
- Packers and Movers should also provide insurance policy to the clients which are extremely important and it gives greater assurance to the customers.
When a relocation company has all of these qualities it means that they are trustworthy and we'll offer you the best services that you dream of. Rajbala Packers and Movers have all of these qualities and we have tried our best to improve ourselves every time so that we can be one step better at what we are and what we offer to our clients.

How much do packers and movers cost?

The cost of Packers and Movers completely depends on various factors such as the number of items you have, the distance in which the relocation has to be done, the time of the month in which you are hiring Packers and Movers, weather conditions, transportation, and much more. One of the most important things that you must keep in mind is that the longer the distance the higher the price. For every state, every packing and moving company has a different price date and if the customers want to use shared transportation then the cost will be less but if they want to have a separate transportation facility then it would cost more. And all of these factors the total cost of Packers and Movers is estimated. However, Rajbala Packers and Movers offer reliable and affordable prices of all the services that we offer, and before starting with the relocation process and signing the contract, conduct discussion sessions with the customers and discuss all the prices and the costs that will be included in the relocation process. We assure you that our prices are lesser than the other packing and moving companies operating in India.

Can I do house shifting on my own without packers and movers?

What is it that humans cannot do! Undoubtedly you can do everything on your own including house shifting but that does not mean you will be able to do it in the right manner and without any damages. If you have the proper knowledge of the relocation industry and you know what sort of types of equipment and boxes you have to use for house shifting then you can undoubtedly go ahead and do the household relocation on your own but if you don't have the proper knowledge of this field then you should avoid doing it on your own and hire professional Packers and Movers. Often people think that they can do house shifting on their own to save money but they end up paying more money in the entire process. When you do house shifting on your own you have to take care of the transportation packing boxes, equipment loading and unloading on your own which can be extremely hectic and in the exhausted atmosphere, there are chances that you might make mistakes due to which your goods can be damaged. So to avoid such problems you should always hire a professional packing and moving company like Rajbala Packers and Movers that offers complete assistance to the clients during the relocation process and takes full responsibility for all the damages if it happened because of their Packers and Movers.

What is the GST rate on household goods shifting?

The GST rate on household goods shifting depends on two major factors. If you are hiring Packers and Movers for just the transportation of the household goods then the GST rate would be 5% but if you are hiring Packers and Movers for the complete household goods shifting then the GST rate would be around 18%. Yes, this might come as a shocker to you therefore a reliable company like Rajbala Packers and Movers already has a lesser price on the relocation services so that even after putting the GST rate not much stress comes on the pockets of the customers.

How to recognize fake packers and movers?

In the relocation industry, several Packers and Movers are fake and try to take the advantage of innocent customers. Since people often do not have much knowledge about the packing and moving industry they get robbed by these fake Packers and Movers. Because of such incidents often people stop believing in the reliable packing and moving companies as well who work extremely hard to offer their best services to the clients. We all come across packing and moving requirements once in a while and therefore you must know how you can recognize fake Packers and Movers in the market. With all-sufficient knowledge about the packing and moving industry and how you can find out if a particular company is fake or reliable, you get an upper hand while hiring a packing and moving company. There are few tips that Rajbala Packers and Movers would like to give you if you ever go out and hire packing and moving companies.
Tips to recognize fake Packers and Movers:
- Whenever you hire a packing and moving company, visit their office from where they operate and get a clear idea as to how they function. Hospitality ways tell a lot about a company.
- Before hiring any packing in a moving company check out their website and how they have managed and created it. The digital world websites are the face of companies nowadays.
- Go through the feedback and reviews provided by past clients. If you find any made-up names and reviews you will be able to recognize them instantly.
- Ask packing and moving companies several questions, whatever comes to your mind and if they are not able to provide you with the satisfying answer then that is a major red flag.
- Read the terms and conditions of the contract properly before signing it and if you find any hidden charges then don't hire that company.
These are the major tips from which you can recognize fake Packers and Movers in the market. RajBala Packers and Movers offer complete transparency to the customers and we also organized several discussion sessions before starting with the relocation process. Whatever we do is completely reliable and we're sure that with our Packers and Movers you will not have to face any sort of forgery or stress.

How to Hire a Trustworthy Packers & Movers Company for a Hassle-Free Move?

Rajbala is one of the most trustworthy packing and moving companies in India that offers you a hassle-free moving experience. However, hiring a trustworthy Packers and Movers company is not an easy task due to the abundance of fake packing and moving companies prevailing in the market right now. We, Rajbala Packers and Movers will provide you with a few tips through which you can hire a trustworthy Packers and Movers company for a hassle-free move.

How to get the best packers and movers at a cheap price?

Having a cheap packing and moving company is not an easy task. You have to go through a lot of research and fieldwork. Rajbala is one of the cheapest packing and moving company in the market but apart from us there are also other packing in moving companies in the industry and to hire Packers and Movers at a cheap price you can do the following things:
- Search for Packers and Movers online as on various websites you can put filters that can give you the best results.
- You can also take the help of your family friends and acquaintances and they can give you the names of the good and cheap packing in moving companies.
- After finding the best packing and moving company for yourself you can have discussions and try to negotiate prices of the services with the packers and movers.

Do you tip movers when they load or unload?

We offer a good amount of stipend to our loaders and unloaders and most importantly our Packers and Movers to not work for tips and stipends but their primary motive is to offer the best relocation service to the clients. But still, various customers offer tips to our Packers and Movers because of their hard work and dedication. But offering Packers and Movers is not necessary or mandatory because all we want to do is to be of good service to you and make the relocation experience hassle-free and convenient for you. It is not what is important to the packers and movers of Rajbala Packers and Movers. Your valuable feedback is also appreciated. Therefore we put the best men of our company at your service and they make sure that they fulfill all of your requirements without any laziness or delay.

What is the cheapest and best way to transport a bike?

The cheapest and the best way to transport a bike is through roadways for which Rajbala Packers and Movers have curated strong Carriers and containers that offer complete security to the vehicle of the customers. The bike transportation service offered by Rajbala Packers and Movers is one of the best and high quality because of all the innovative logistics that we offer in this service. The transportation service offered by our company is the cheapest that you can find in the market and it is a toast step service in which we pick up your vehicle from your door, transport it properly in a steel container that protects your vehicle from harsh weather for road accidents and then deliver it to your doorstep itself. We also have a provision to transport bikes in whichever mode that you want the cheapest way is to use the roadway.

What is the cost of transporting a car in India?

The cost of transporting a car in India depends on distance. For transporting a car you might have to pay from 5000 to 15000 and it can be much more than that if the distance is longer. You can have a proper discussion with the packing and moving company to make sure that they don't charge you more than what is expected of you. Rajbala Packer and movers offer you the best prices for transporting a car all across India which makes us one of the best packing and moving companies in the market. We have priced our services after having a proper and detailed study of the market and for us, the satisfaction of the clients is the utmost priority.

What would be the easiest way to transport a car in India?

Road transportation is the best way and the easiest to transport cars in India and it becomes much more so with the assistance of professional Packers and Movers. Rajbala Packers and Movers have curated an amazing and organized car transportation system in which your car remains perfectly safe during the entire relocation process and we take care of all the damages that might happen due to unforeseen circumstances. But with Rajbala Packers and Movers it is very unlikely for your car to be damaged because we transport your car in a steel container that is properly managed and sanitized before we start with the relocation process and on properly built carriers we conduct the transportation of the vehicle.

4 Tips For Easy Office Relocation?

Office relocation can be extremely hectic because of continuous interruptions in the work. However, Rajbala Packers and Movers have a proper way in which we conduct the office relocation and we have provided four important steps that you must take care of while doing office relocation.
- Divide the office relocation into parts instead of conducting the entire relocation in one go.
- Don't involve everybody in the relocation process; it is better to employ a single person who will be in charge of the whole relocation process and who will also be in contact with the packers and movers.
- Have proper planning beforehand and establish a proper communication system within your employees and packing and moving company.
- If appointing a single person as the invigilator of the relocation process is a bit hectic then you can divide the duties, for example, somebody can look after the packing and moving process somebody else can take over the loading and unloading process, and so on.

How much should I pay to relocate an office?

Just like household shifting depends on various factors, office relocation also depends on various factors and the cost of relocation of an office can be different for everybody. If you are hiring reliable Packers and Movers then the average cost that you should be paying for office relocation is around 20 to 30000 depending on the area that has to be covered in the relocation process. The amount can be less or more of the factors are more demanding. It is always better to look for various Packers and Movers before you go and a higher one for your office relocation.

Why should I hire a packing service for my office move?

Office relocation requires a lot of effort and consciousness and their hiring, packing and moving company are the best because in an office several things require extra attention and proper care such as electronics, furniture important files and if they get lost you might face a lot of trouble. By hiring professional Packers and Movers like Rajbala Packers and Movers you can get rid of the major responsibility of doing the office relocation on your own because if anything goes wrong you will be held accountable. Rajbala Packers and Movers have an organized office relocation process in which we take care of everything as per the schedule of the corporation so that the functioning of the company remains unhindered. We take full security measures for all the electronic equipment like computers, printers, fax machines, and important furniture. To offer extra attention to the important documents of the companies so with Rajbala Packers and Movers you don't have to worry about the office relocation.

How is warehouse storage cost calculated?

Calculating the warehouse storage cost is extremely easy. People might get confused as to how they can calculate because a lot of companies and individuals store their goods in a warehouse but calculating the cost is not that difficult. All you have to do is to divide the cost of your inventory costs by the square foot of how much you are covering. Suppose the inventory cost of a warehouse is Rs. 100 under square foot that you are using for storing your goods is 10. Then to calculate the cost that you will be paying how to divide 100 by 10 and there you will get the cost that you will be paying. Easy, right!

What do you mean by warehouse storage solutions?

Warehouses are the most important part of the packing and moving service. Warehouse storage solutions help clients to store their goods for an indefinite time. Warehouse storage facilities offered by packing and moving companies are extremely convenient if people do not have a place to keep their belongings or they want to store the items before their delivery. The warehouse storage service provided by Rajbala Packers and Movers is a top-notch service and we have built spacious warehouses in all the parts of the country that allows our customers to access our warehousing service across the nation.
Rajbala Packers and Movers offers warehouse storage solutions in the best way possible because we have established innovative logistics that will provide customers with hassle-free storage service. The warehouses of our company are theft-proof, fireproof and germ proof and we properly take care of the temperature of the warehouse so that all the items remain perfectly safe. We have installed CCTV cameras all over the warehouses and we also employ security guards that take turns to keep the warehouse unit completely safe. Because we have built an automated temperature system in our warehouse's clients can store any kind of item ranging from furniture glassware to food items in our storage units.
To keep the warehouses and storage areas properly clean on the regular basis we disinfect our warehouses and sanitize them completely. In an organized manner, we store the consignment and belongings of our clients. Once you have hired Rajbala Packers and Movers for the warehousing service you don't have to worry about your belongings because we take full responsibility for all the damages and complications that occur after the contract signed between our relocation company and the clients. Another most important factor that makes the warehouse service solutions of Rajbala Packers and Movers the best as we offer our clients the docking facility as well so it makes it easier for them to deliver and pick up the consignment simultaneously. If you want to have a secure and organized warehousing facility then undoubtedly you can hire our Packers and Movers and we assure you that you will not regret her decision.

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