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Rajbala Packers and Movers Bhubaneswar offers a variety of services that can be changed or customized as per the needs and demands of the customers. We assure you that if you hire our Movers and Packers your goods will remain 100% safe in our hands and for the greater security of your belongings we also offer you an insurance policy.

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Rajbala Packers And Movers In Bhubaneswar

Welcome to Rajbala Packers and Movers Bhubaneswar. Our Movers and Packers have become one of the most experienced and reliable Packers and Movers in the city of Bhubaneswar because of our High-quality Services. The only motive of our company is to provide the best packing and moving services to the clients at affordable rates and we have been trying our best to provide our clients with that. So far we have served 50 + companies and several households with the relocation process and the feedback that we have got from our clients have been positive and they have always appreciated us for our professionalism and our best services.

We always focus on providing customers the best relocation process and their satisfaction is our utmost priority and for providing a hassle-free relocation service to the clients we have created the best logistics that are compatible with the packing and moving industry. You can hire Rajbala Packers and Movers for household corporation vehicle warehousing and transportation services.

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Rajbala Packers And Movers In Bhubaneswar

Our company has a wide network across the country and therefore our services are not only accessible for the local areas but also for domestic purposes. There is nothing much for us to say because our services are good enough for us to tell everything about our company. So, if you want a location service at the most affordable rate then you can hire our company and we will be at your service with our best men and tools.

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Services Offered At Rajbala Packers And Movers

Packing And Moving

For the packing and moving service Rajbala Packers and Movers, Bhubaneswar has a separate team that has the accurate knowledge of packing all kinds of goods and maintaining a hundred percent security of the belongings that are to be packed and moped in the relocation process. For packing your goods properly we use corrugated boxes and thick cartons that maintain the safety of the goods from all directions. Before packing goods in the corrugated boxes we cover them with the help of thick blankets bubble wraps newspapers and share them properly so that even if they fall they don't get damaged or broken. Our Packers and Movers give special attention to the fragile items and the goods that are to be disassembled. Later on, with the help of the grains trolleys and other equipment, our workers move the items so that they can be loaded in the transportation.

Loading And Unloading

The loading and unloading part is one of the most important steps of the relocation process because if anything is taken for granted in this process it can cost a lot of money to not only the packing and moving company but also the clients. For the loading and unloading process, we not only just use our workers but specially design tools are put in this process so that all the goods remain safe and can be loaded in the transportation without any discrepancy. We take a lot of measures while loading and unloading consignment and under this process, we also spread thick carpet at the bottom so that the edges and boxes remain safe. We properly adjust the boxes with the help of rope so that they do not move during the transportation and with the help of trolley cranes, levers, ropes, stairs, etc. we load heavy items at the bottom and lighter ones on the top of them.

Relocation Services

If you want to have a full-fledged relocation process and not just hire Packers and Movers for parts of the relocation then you can take up the relocation service in which we offer clients the complete relocation process of packing moving loading unloading and packing rearranging transportation everything under one category. It is a complete relocation process in which we take proper care of your goods just like in any other step and we do not take your goods for granted. provide clients with an insurance policy that gives them a higher assurance about the security of their goods in the process. The relocation service that we offer to our clients at Bhubaneswar is at an affordable level so you can hire us without any single doubt.

Car/Bike Transportation

The car-bike transportation service that we provide to the clients in Bhubaneswar is one of the best transportation services in which we pick up your vehicle from your doorstep and deliver it at your gates at the minimum time and price. We have established big Carriers that are compatible with storing cars and bikes and do not let your vehicle get damaged or broken in the transportation process. Rajbala Packers and Movers Bhubaneswar not only provides an insurance policy for the household or corporate relocation but also offers it for the car/bike transportation service which is one of the best things that you might not get with every packing in a moving company. We assure you that your vehicle will remain 100% safe under the guidance of the experts of Rajbala Movers and Packers Bhubaneswar.

Warehouse Storage Services

Rajbala Packers and Movers Bhubaneswar has established warehouses and storage facilities all over the city so that every person can access our warehouses at a much affordable rate as compared to other packing and moving companies. The warehouses of Rajbala Movers & Packers are 100% safe with the installation of CCTV cameras and a security guard who is 24/7 appointed there. Our warehouses are germ proof because we disinfect them and sanitize them properly on the regular basis. The storage facility of our company is also apt for all the weather conditions because we have developed them by keeping all the weather conditions in mind and they are fireproof with Fire extinguishers all over the place and also with fire alarms. you can store all kinds of consignment in our warehouses and in short, the storage facility of our company is fireproof germ proof and theft-proof, offering greater security to all of the consignment stored there.

Logistics Solutions

Our company has established the best logistics in the market and for that, it took several years of the research work and the mistakes that we have made in the past few years. the logistics of Rajbala Movers & Packers in Bhubaneswar are the most innovative ones and they have been created under the guidance of the best experts that know everything about this industry and the requirements of the problems that people might face during the relocation process. we have curated the best logistics for every part of the relocation process from packing to loading from paperwork to the insurance policy from warehousing to transportation everything is covered under our logistics and we are proud of the Logistic solutions that we have been providing to our clients not only Bhubaneswar but across the nation.

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Approximate Packers and Movers Bhubaneswar Charges

To give you a clear idea about charges for relocation services in Bhubaneswar, we are presenting here the pricing charges for local shifting and domestic shifting requirements.

The average cost of moving and packing of Rajbala packers and movers in Bhubaneswar for local shifting is: Rs 5,000

The average charges of moving and packing by Rajbala packers and movers in Bhubaneswar for domestic shifting is: Rs 30,000

Local Shifting Price Chart Based on Different Cost Heads

House Type Men Required Labour Charges Packing Charges Transportation Charges Total Charges Approx
1 BHK 2 Men Rs 1200-1800 Rs 1400-2200 Rs 1200-3000 Rs 4000-8000
2 BHK 3-4 Men Rs 1800-3200 Rs 2000-4500 Rs 2500-5000 Rs 6000-13000
3 BHK 5-6 Men Rs 3200-4000 Rs 3000-6000 Rs 3500-6000 Rs 10000-17000
4 or 5 BHK 7-8 Men Rs 3500-5000 Rs 3500-8500 Rs 4000-9000 Rs 12000-23000
Villa / Bungalow 9-10 Men Rs 3800-6600 Rs 4000-10000 Rs 5500-12000 Rs 14000-30000

Domestic Moving Price Chart for Different services.

Type Of Shifting Upto 400 Km 400 - 800 Km 800 - 1200 Km 1200 - 1600 Km 1600 - 2000Km
1 BHK Home Rs 9,000 - 20,000 Rs 11,000 - 25,000 Rs 15,000 - 28,000 Rs 17,000 - 30,000 Rs 19,000 - 32,000
2 BHK Home Rs 12,000 - 25,000 Rs 14,000 - 28,000 Rs 16,000 - 32,000 Rs 18,000 - 35,000 Rs 20,000 - 38,000
3 BHK Rs 15,000 - 30,000 Rs 18,000 - 34,000 Rs 21,000 - 38,000 Rs 24,000 - 42,000 Rs 26,000 - 46,000
Car Shifting Rs 5,000 - 12,000 Rs 7,000 - 14,000 Rs 8,000 - 16,000 Rs 9,000 - 18,000 Rs 10,000 - 20,000
Bike Shifting Rs 4,000 - 10,000 Rs 5,000 - 12,000 Rs 6,000 - 13,000 Rs 7,000 - 13,500 Rs 8,000 - 14,000
Office Shifting Rs 12,000 - 28,000 Rs 15,000 - 31,000 Rs 17,000 - 35,000 Rs 19,000 - 38,500 Rs 21,000 - 45,000

Mistakes that you should not make during the relocation process?

The relocation process is the most important as the safety of your goods depends on that only and the entire relocation process must be perfectly planned and for that, you have to make sure that you do not make any mistake while relocating. We have stated a few very common mistakes that people make in the shifting process and you should always avoid them.

So, these are the common mistakes that people make during the relocation process and they don't even bother to take advice from the people who know the right ways of conducting the relocation. So, make sure that you do not make similar mistakes and the safest way is to just hire professional packing and moving company but that too after doing a lot of research.

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Why should you hire Rajbala Packers and Movers in Bhubaneswar?

Rajbala Packers and Movers Bhubaneswar have been working in the relocation field for a very long time and with our expertise and professionalism, we have created our name in the list of the top acting in moving companies in this industry. We will not brag about the services and the staff that we have in our company but, you can get the fair gist of the kinds of services that we provide and the level of professionalism that we offer to our clients through the feedback of our past clients and the ratings that they have given to us for our services and logistics that we provide to customers in Bhubaneswar. We will always keep growing and improving our services because no company is perfect and there is always a scope of improvement and growth. With this being said we highly recommend you to hire our Packers and Movers for your relocation process whether for household, vehicle corporation Rajbala Packers and Movers will never disappoint you.

Top features of our Packers & Movers in Bhubaneswar>

How to manage a budget while relocating suggested by Rajbala Packers and Movers?

Moving from one city to another or even within the city can be not only a stressful task but also an expensive affair. In a shifting process, various costs are involved and therefore you should have a budget according to which you should plan your relocation process. By making a budget you get a full check on the areas where you are spending money and in the areas where you can hold back your hand from spending extra bucks. In this section, we have laid down a few tips through which you can manage the budget that you have set for the relocation process.

These were the few tips through which you can manage your budget and even add extra money to it in the relocation process you can use some of your creative skills to manage your budget most innovatively.

Why should you consider decluttering a few things?

A home should only have items that are essential such as furniture, appliances, utensils, clothes and more because if you have unnecessary things stored in your house they would take up much space and it will get difficult for you to live in your new house or even to pack those goods and load them. And there are heavy chances that most of the family members have this habit of storing piles of things that they won’t even remember they have in their home. Therefore, you must dispose of some of the unnecessary items because of certain reasons that we have mentioned below.

What things can you dispose of?

It is always better to resell old items rather than throwing them away because in this way you can help somebody that needs those items and other things that you should always keep in mind while disposing of the old items. If you are disposing of hazardous waste then do it in the right way.

What are the Hazardous materials for packing and moving suggested by Rajbala Packers and Movers?

So, these were the few steps and importance of decluttering items that are cold or you don't need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I hire Rajbala Packers and Movers?

Hiring a reliable pack king in a moving company is not a difficult task; you just have to be extremely careful while doing that. take suggestions from your family and friends and look for companies online from verified and trusted websites. Do a thorough background check on the packing and moving company and make sure that there is no Red flag that you avoid checking.

How do Rajbala Packers and Movers calculate the cost of shifting process?

The cost of the shifting process depends on various factors and after calculating those factors we decide the cost of the shifting. Those factors include the number of goods, the number of fragile items, weather conditions, the time in which customers want to hire us, etc.

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